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ing a gun and firing it, are all acts of the same
order. It should be illegal to construct anywhere
upon earth, any mechanism for the specific
purpose of killing men. When you see a gun it
is reasonable to ask : " Whom is that intended
to kill ? "
Germany's rearmament after 1918 was largely
tolerated because she played off British Russo-
phobia against the Russian fear ofcc Capitalist"
attack, but that excuse can no longer serve any
furtive war-mongers among her people after her
pact with Moscow.
Released from the economic burthens and
restrictions that crippled her recovery after
1918, Germany may find a full and satisfying
outlet for the energy of her young men in her
systematic collectivisation, raising the standard
of her common life deliberately and steadily,
giving Russia a lead in efficiency and obliging
the maundering " politics " and discursive inat-
tention of the Atlantic world to remain concen-
trated upon the realities of life. The idea of
again splitting up Germany into discordant
fragments so as to postpone her ultimate recovery
indefinitely, is a pseudo-democratic slacker's
dream. It is diametrically opposed to world
reconstruction. We have need of the peculiar
qualities of her people, and the sooner she